Quality New & Used Books

booksThere are few experiences like being lost in a great book.  Books transport you into your imagination, and keep you there until the very last page.

A Great Yarn might not have to largest inventory on books on Cape Cod, but the 7,500 titles we have certainly represents the most eclectic collection of high quality reading material you’ll find east of the canal.  The majority of our books are “previously owned,” and are uniformly priced at $6.50 for hardcover books and $4.50 for trade paperbacks. Our collection spans the gamut from contemporary literature to history to mysteries/espionage/thriller to poetry to classic literature.  We have a “bucket list” of books everyone must read before, well, you know… We have also endeavored to obtain at least one book on every President, and we’re nearly three quarters of the way there. (Who knew it would be so hard to find books on Rutherford B. Hayes.)

Each month we feature a different category of books.

  • January – Mystery/Espionage/Thriller
  • February – Baseball (when idle minds turn to thoughts of Spring Training)
  • March – Irish Literature (because everyone is Irish in March)
  • April – Golf (duh, the Masters)
  • May – Prize Winners
  • June, July, August and September – Summer Reads, including Children’s Books
  • October – A Great Yarn’s Favorite Authors
  • November and December – Holiday Books