Color Workshop Taught by Casapinka – July 20th

We are delighted to announce that A Great Yarn will be hosting famed pattern designer Casapinka, who will teach a Color Workshop on Friday, July 20th, from 5:30 to 8:30 pm.  A quick review of Casapinka’s patterns on Raverly will immediate cement her well-deserved reputation as one of the foremost designers and color experts on the planet. Plus she happens to be one on the best teachers you will ever encounter.

Casapinka will be joined by a great hand-dyer from Rhode Island – Gigi- who will assister her with teaching the class.

Casapinka’s workshop will be a non-traditional color class that will include an introduction to color with tips to help you choose gorgeous colors that you love for your knitting projects. There will be no lectures on color theory or the color wheel but if you are ever overwhelmed by colors in your yarn store, this will help you to ease that feeling. If you’re stuck in a rut this will help you to get out of it. If you just love color, this is a fun way to spend three hours. The third hour is reserved for individual help in choosing out yarn colors for any projects that you wish. I t’s often helpful to listen in as people go through the process of selecting colors – and usually the class ends up helping each other out!

Using your friends, people in the group, slides, and yarn all around us, along with different shawl samples, Casapinka will work on making various color combinations for multi-skein projects. You will leave the workshop with specific tips and tricks to implement and increased color confidence! Be prepared to laugh with each other, have some genuine “aha” moments and realize that there are tools all around you to help you with color selection.

Length of the class – 3 hours

Homework – None!

Required Materials – An open mind!

The cost for the class is $50. To ensure a quality learning environment, we are limiting the class size to 20 participants. The class will fill up quickly, so if you would like to attend please give is a call at the shop at 508-348-5605 as soon as possible.

Knitter’s Night at the Ballpark

One of the great joys of summer in Chatham is Cape Cod Baseball, and taking in a Chatham Anglers game at Veteran’s Park.   This year A Great Yarn is partnering with the Chatham A’s to sponsor “Knitter’s Night at the Ballpark.”



Slide1That right, on Tuesday, July 17th, a section of the grandstand at Veteran’s Park will be reserved for knitters.






Slide1And the first 30 knitters to arrive at the game with their knitting will receive a Knitter’s Night baseball hat, courtesy of A Great Yarn.








As a special attraction, Jean Williams — A Great Yarn’s super staff knitter and leader of our Help Desk – will throw out the first pitch.



So bring your knitting and join Jean and the rest of us at Knitter’s Night on July 17th.  And you don’t need to worry about finding a parking spot. Veteran’s Park is only a short walk from A Great Yarn. So park in our lot, and we’ll all walk over to the game together.

If you would like to reserve your spot with your fellow knitter just give us a call at 508-348-5605, or send us an email at

2018 Knit-a-Thon for the Cape’s Homeless – Wrap-Up

Slide1In 2016, our first Knit-a-Thon produced 29 blankets for Cape Cod’s homeless.  In 2017, we hoped to double that number.  Instead you guys managed to knit and crochet enough panels to make 155 blankets.



This year you recruited your friends, your neighbors, anyone with a set of knitting needles or a crochet hook, and your efforts resulted in 192 blankets for the Cape’s homeless!

Slide1More than 225 of you participated in this year’s event.  We received support from knitters and crocheters in 10 different states. We are very grateful for your collective efforts.  And so is our partner The Housing Assistance Corporation.  And so are the homeless of Cape Cod, who are living at the four shelters maintained by the H.A.C.

You guys also managed to raise nearly $3500 in donations for the homeless. Again, thank you, and your neighbors and friends who sponsored your efforts.


Slide1Finally, we’d like to thank the more than three-dozen volunteers who helped prepare the finished blankets.





Slide1As we do every year, we capped the annual Knit-a-Thom by yarn bombing the shop. In addition to the shop, we managed to cover every surrounding surface with blankets, including trees, fences, hedges, cars, etc.   For most of the day it looked like the skies above had opened and rained blankets!




Slide1Nearly two-dozen folks stopped by during the five hours that the blankets were on display.  We were particularly delighted to see Jan Hannigan at the yarn bombing.   Jan is 96 and lives in Bourne, and her daughter (who lives off Cape) picked her up and drove her to the shop. As luck would have it (or perhaps divine providence), we were just getting ready to hoist the blanket we made from Jan’s panels onto the wall with the she arrived.  It doesn’t get any better than that.


We look forward to your help with the 2019 Knit-a-Thon, when the goal will be 225 blankets.


Chatham Yarn – Month-by-Month

In March, 2015, A Great Yarn introduced our original Chatham Yarn. Designed in collaboration with hand dyer extraordinaire Mishellee Poulin, it embodied Chatham’s one-of-a-kind summer colors.

In December, 2015, we created Chatham Yarn – The Finest Hours, which represented our attempt to capture the roiling waters off Chatham’s coast in winter, made famous by the Coast Guard’s 1952 rescue of the crew of the Pendleton.

In August, 2016, we added Chatham Yarn – Month-by-Month to the mix. As anyone who has ever visited Chatham knows, our town is a treasure trove of iconic images, and every month we turn one of them into fabulous yarn.

For the past two years, A Great Yarn has created a new Chatham Yarn every month, based on our favorite Chatham images, and recommendations from our customers.



We have provided the monthly offerings to the members of our Chatham Yarn Month-by-Month Club at a discount, together with appropriate knitting and crochet patterns, a greeting card featuring a photograph of the Chatham image that was the inspiration for dyeing the yarn, and an assortment of knitting tools and accessories to show our appreciation. We have also included free shipping. To date, we have had over 70 knitters join the Club.

Beginning in August, 2018, we will offer our fifth six-month installment of Chatham Yarn Month-by-Month offerings, and we will again attempt to transform Chatham’s iconic images into yarn. As before we will look to include a bit of nature, a bit of Chatham’s history, and some of our favorite Chatham business establishments to inspire our yarns.

The cost for each monthly offering (plus patterns, picture and all the trimmings) is $45 per month. If you would like to receive all six offerings, we will provide a 15% discount, and also include free shipping.  Give us a call in the shop at 508-348-5605, or send us an email at, if you would like to participate. And also let us know which of your favorite Chatham images you would like us transform into yarn for August’s Month-by-Month offering.

Knitter “HELP DESK”

Even the best knitters need a helpful suggestion now and then.  And all knitters have experienced the pattern with poorly written directions, or the “sweater from hell.”  The staff at A Great Yarn can help every knitter – the beginner, the intermediate and the expert – with their knitting problems, big or small.  And if we can’t help, we’ll find someone who can.


Slide1The best way to deal with your knitting problems is to visit A Great Yarn during our “HELP DESK” hours, which are Tuesday and Friday from 1:00 to 5:00 pm, and Saturday from 10:00 am until noon.





Slide1We have some of the Cape’s best  knitters on our staff – Jean Williams and Kathleen Read – who are more than happy to help with any problems you are having with your knitting.  There is no charge for the help, and you do not need to be working with yarn your purchased from us to obtain assistance.  We just was to help your get your project back on track.  That’s all.



Slide1Even if you don’t want specific help, you’re still more than welcome to come in during HELP DESK hours (or any other time for that matter) and just knit.  Bring whatever yarn and needles you like with you and just enjoy the camaraderie.  And pick up some good ideas while you’re at it.