2018 Knit-a-Thon for the Cape’s Homeless – Wrap-Up

Slide1In 2016, our first Knit-a-Thon produced 29 blankets for Cape Cod’s homeless.  In 2017, we hoped to double that number.  Instead you guys managed to knit and crochet enough panels to make 155 blankets.



This year you recruited your friends, your neighbors, anyone with a set of knitting needles or a crochet hook, and your efforts resulted in 192 blankets for the Cape’s homeless!

Slide1More than 225 of you participated in this year’s event.  We received support from knitters and crocheters in 10 different states. We are very grateful for your collective efforts.  And so is our partner The Housing Assistance Corporation.  And so are the homeless of Cape Cod, who are living at the four shelters maintained by the H.A.C.

You guys also managed to raise nearly $3500 in donations for the homeless. Again, thank you, and your neighbors and friends who sponsored your efforts.


Slide1Finally, we’d like to thank the more than three-dozen volunteers who helped prepare the finished blankets.





Slide1As we do every year, we capped the annual Knit-a-Thom by yarn bombing the shop. In addition to the shop, we managed to cover every surrounding surface with blankets, including trees, fences, hedges, cars, etc.   For most of the day it looked like the skies above had opened and rained blankets!




Slide1Nearly two-dozen folks stopped by during the five hours that the blankets were on display.  We were particularly delighted to see Jan Hannigan at the yarn bombing.   Jan is 96 and lives in Bourne, and her daughter (who lives off Cape) picked her up and drove her to the shop. As luck would have it (or perhaps divine providence), we were just getting ready to hoist the blanket we made from Jan’s panels onto the wall with the she arrived.  It doesn’t get any better than that.


We look forward to your help with the 2019 Knit-a-Thon, when the goal will be 225 blankets.