Become a Better Knitter: Saturday Morning Knit-arounds

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What’s a “knit-around?”

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A “knit-around” is the knitting version of an old basketball term, called the “shoot-around.”  NBA Hall-of-Famer Bill Sharman invented the shoot-around as a way of burning off nervous energy on game days. The concept involved players practicing their shooting in an unstructured manner, with five or six players shooting at one basket, rebounding each other’s shots, providing friendly advice and joking around.

Do I really need to participate in a knit-around?

It depends. If you’re a competitive knitter, and you’re prone to experiencing anxiety and begin dropping stitches as soon as you pick up your needles before a match, then participating in a knit-around is definitely for you.

Even if you’re not a competitive knitter, a knit-around probably is a good idea, because it’s a great way to enjoy the company of your fellow knitters in an informal setting, while learning from their mistakes and successes, and sharing your own experiences.

How can I join a knit-around?

It’s a piece of cake.  Simply drop by A Great Yarn any Saturday morning between 10 am and noon. Bring your knitting, your questions and your sense of humor. You can also bring along some competitive gear if you like — tennis shoes, gym clothes, headbands – but it’s not necessary.

A Great Yarn will provide coffee and tea, and if you are so inclined you can kick in a couple of quarters to replenish the supplies. However, it’s not a requirement for participation.

Are there knit-around rules?

The goal of the knit-arounds is to help everyone become better a better knitter. So when you come, make sure to…

  • Keep it positive
  • Keep it supportive
  • Keep it focused on knitting

It’s all about sharing and learning and getting better together!

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