Local Yarn Shop Day SALE — Saturday, April 21, 2018


Slide1Local Yarn Store Day is a brick-and-mortar yarn shop appreciation day created by TNNA Yarn Group, which is the national organization for fiber artists of all kinds.  The inaugural LYS Day will take place on April 21 and is designed to show support for small businesses, while bringing together a unique community of knitters, crocheters, weavers and spinners to drive awareness and celebrate the craft.

Slide1A Great Yarn is planning some great festivities for Local Yarn Store Day.  First, we have partnered with pattern designer extraordinaire Casapinka, who has created the “Local Yarn Shawl” specifically for the event.   Casapinka patterns are famous for their brilliant use of color and their hilarious names like “Welcome Back Garter,” “Mick Jagged” and “Your Slip Is Showing.”

Slide1Casapinka’s Local Yarn Shop pattern – which uses sock or fingering weight yarn, and which can be made in either a large or small size – is a terrific pattern that most any knitter can handle.  Casapinka is also making her pattern available for free to anyone stopping by A Great Yarn on Local Yarn Shop Day.   Our staff is now familiarizing themselves with the pattern, and will be available to answer any questions customers might have.

Slide1Since we’d like to encourage creation of Casapinka’s shawl, we’re having a 20% off sale on all our fingering and sock weight yarn to celebrate Local Yarn Sop Day. And if you purchase fingering or sock weight yarn you will also get Casapinka’s Local Yarn Shawl for free.

So stop by A Great Yarn on Saturday and get 20% of on any of the following:

  • Isager’s Alpaca 2
  • Artyarns’ Cloud Merino
  • Koigu’s KPM and KPPPM
  • Baah’s La Jolla and Manhattan
  • Freia’s Ombre Shawl Balls
  • Itp’s Kinu and Washi
  • Shibui’s Pebble and Reed
  • Urth Yarn’s Unique and Merino Sock
  • Skacel’s Crazy Zauberballs, Trekking and Unisono
  • Manos’ Alegria
  • Plymouth’s Diversity and Forever
  • Apple Fiber Studio’s McIntosh
  • Fiber Seed’s Sprout
  • Chatham Yarn’s Simple Sock and Pampered Sock

If you can’t wait until Saturday, and drop by the shop April 19th or April 20th  we’ll still give you the Local Yarn Shop Day sale price on any of our fingering or sock weight yarn.