Winter Knitting Class Schedule – January, February, March and April

Is this the year when you take your knitting to the next level?

This winter A Great Yarn will provide four classes – one a month — that will allow “solid” knitters to take on projects they previously felt were beyond their reach.   Think of January, February, March and April as your “Winter Knitting Semester,” and that after taking all four courses you will graduate in May, ready to confidently go out into the world and tackle all those projects you’ve always shied away from.

Here is our class plan for the Winter Knitting Semester.

  • January – From The Provisional Cast On To The Kitchner Stitch By Way Of The Rainbow Twist Cowl
  • February – Everything Your Always Wanted To Know About Cables (But Were Afraid To Ask)
  • March – “Steek” And Ye Shall Find (Knitting Happiness)
  • April – The Lightening Round: A Potpouri Of Knitting’s Most Useful Techniques

The four Winter Knitting Semester classes will be taught by Jean Williams in a “workshop-type” format on the fourth Saturday of every month.   The workshops will begin at 10:30 am and will last until 3:30. A Great Yarn will provide morning and afternoon snacks and refreshments, and workshop participants will be asked to bring a bag lunch. We are using the workshop format since we have previously found that this approach maximizes learning, builds camaraderie among the participants, and is just plain fun.

Our first “Take Your Knitting To The Next Level” class will be held on Saturday, January 27th. Tuition for each class will be $75, and will include an excellent selection of yarns for each project.

Each workshop will be limited to six participants, or a first come first served basis. If you are interested in participating in one of this winter’s technique workshops please call A Great Yarn at 508-348-3605, or send us an email at info@agreat.yarn.