I’ll Have What She’s Wearing

Slide1Who knew that Ingrid Bergman wouldn’t go anywhere without her Phoebe shawl, made with Mrs. Crosby and Madelinetosh. When Director Michael Curtiz tried to pull it off of her to shoot the final scene for Casablanca, Ingrid said the following: “If I don’t wear my Phoebe shawl I’ll regret it. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of my life.

Slide1Or that Grace Kelly had a thing for Blue Heron yarn.  Her original line from Rear Window was “A woman never goes anywhere but the hospital without packing make-up, jewelry and something she knitted with Cotton and Rayon Twist Lace.”

Those are just two of the amazing links between Hollywood and knitting you’ll learn when you stop by and check out A Great Yarn’s new celebrity garment displays.

Want more?

Slide1Julia Roberts: “I knit with so much Twig her middle name should be Shibui.”





Slide1Katherine Hepburn: “The only thing I prefer to my trademark turtleneck sweater is a cowl made from Biltmore Alpaca and This Fancy Yarn.”


Slide1Scarlett Johansson: “I’ve knitted seven Sundry shawls for each day of the week, all using Artyarns.”




Slide1Audrey Hepburn: “I never made a movie with wearing something made with Baah. Next time you watch Charade check out the hat I knitted for the ski lodge scene.”


Slide1Meryl Streep: “Mama Mia, I should get another Oscar for the shawl I knitted with my Freia Shawl Ball!”


Artyarns - watercolorshawl

Artyarns - logo copyArtyarns fibers are manufactured in the United States. They strongly believe in local sourcing of materials and equipment, and they utilize energy efficient systems and sustainable materials.

Artyarns was founded in 2002 by Iris Schreier, a celebrated knitwear author whose work appears in major knitting media outlets.   They work very hard to live up to their motto of “For the discerning, uncompromising knitter,” and to be “an innovator of luxury yarns tailor-made to elevate the experience and art of knitting.”

Sundry Shawl - 1A Great Yarn is currently carrying Artyarn’s Cloud Merino, which is a fingering weight yarn made with 80% Fine Merino 20% Cashmere. The yarn has been a huge hit since the second it arrived , and we plan to carry several other lines in the very near future.

North Light Fibers


North Light - Mill-Fixing-Carder-sqNorth Light Fibers is a micro yarn mill that produces high quality handcrafted and minimally processed yarns, which are 100% made in Rhode Island on Block Island.   Their goal is to make world-class yarns from exotic animals, and to demonstrate that year round manufacturing can work in a highly seasonal location like Block Island.  They love working with fibers and manage the whole process from fleece to skein to knit. Their passion is working with knitters and yarn stores to provide great yarn for people to knit and weave.


North Light - Farm-Camels-Sq1North Light’s primary lines of yarn range from Water Street (Cashmere / Merino) and Beach Avenue (Alpaca/Merino) to Forever Lace (Alpaca/Bamboo) and Ocean Avenue (a special high twist 100% Merino wool). They are always developing new yarns from exotic fibers such as yak, camel, mohair, qiviut, etc., as well as new lines of yarn.

DanDoh Cotton Fine

Mary and Yulimo Alexander

Cotton Fine is a unique yarn that was developed by lMary and Yulimo Alexanderegendary designer Yukimo Alexander. It has a smooth and crispy texture, because the surface of the yarn has a coating of viscous rayon films. It is perfect for spring and summer clothes and accessories.   It feels like linen when you knit with it, but the coating comes off after handling or washing, so that it will soften up greatly.

All of Yumiko’s designs create fashionable, functional, and wearable garments and accessories. They combine fun stitch patterns and simple yet elegant shapes.

Oasis Garment - yumiko-57s_mediumWe are currently knitting up one of Yukimo’s most popular patterns – Oasis – using her Cotton Fine yarn, and it should be on display in the shop within the next couple of weeks.

Plymouth Yarn’s Pendenza

Pendenza cowl

We are now carrying the entire line of Plymouth Yarn’s new Pendenza yarn. Pendenza is a self-striping yarn with long color changes. This 100% mercerized cotton, DK weight yarn is machine-washable, has a luxurious sheen and a tight cable-ply. Cool cotton is the perfect choice for warm-weather garments, and the long stripes in Pendenza will make your projects colorful and exceptional. It’s available in rich colors that produce either tonal or variegated stripes.

Pendenza cowl

Check out the beautiful cowl we made with a single skein of Pendenza. The cowl was knitted by AGY’s Senior Knitting Consultant Jean Williams, and modeled by AGY staffer Antonia DaSilva.

This Fancy Yarn


A Great Yarn has partnered with another great local fiber artist – Danielle McEachern from Fall River, Massachusetts – to carry some of the most exotic yarns available on the planet. How exotic? Just take a look at the accompanying pictures.araminta

This Fancy Yarn’s spinning wool — both raw that they process themselves, and milled roving — come from local sources, either farms whose practices they know of and trust, or mills who can certify that they use wool from local small farms with humane practices.


Dancing Leaf Farm


beebop-big_large-copy boogie_big_e9c0873a-45cc-4331-9e54-98a4bb5d3ded_large-copy slubby-big_large-copy dancing-leaf-farm-sock-hopDancing Leaf Farm is a small cottage farm located near Frederick, Maryland, whose yarns are named after…wait for it…dances! The owner — Dalis — features her own line of hand-painted yarns, vibrantly dyed in a rainbow of colors. A Great Yarn now carries “Be Bopp,” which is DK weight, and “Boogie Woogie,” which is a bulky yarn. Both are unbelievably soft, unbelievably colorful and 100% merino superwash wool. We also carry “Slubby Nubby,” which is a chunky yarn, with lots of character. It works up fast on size 11, 13, or 15 needles, it perfect for beginners, and can be knitted up into a scarf or a cowl in a couple of hours.

Have You Ever Wanted To Be A Mermaid!

Jean Williams and her mermaid lapaghan creation

A Great Yarn has combined the creative genius of Jean Williams and Pati Duvall (with assistance from pattern designer Angie Hartley) to give all current and future mermaids the chance to snuggle up in their very own “mermaid lapaghan” while reading a book or watching television.  Jean has knitted up a terrific version of Angie Hartley’s pattern for the mermaid lapaghan, which can be easily modified to work for toddlers up to teens.  Pati, who is A Great Yarn’s favorite local artist, has also designed and hand-painted the perfect display for highlighting Jean’s handiwork.

Jean Williams and her mermaid lapaghan creation

Jean Williams and her mermaid lapaghan creation

Jean used Plymouth Yarn’s Encore to knit her mermaid lapaghan, but any other worsted weight yarn will work just as well.  To give the lapaghan additional definition, Jean knitted together one solid color of Encore and one variegated color, but let you own creativity guide your efforts.

Pati Duvall and her "mystery girl" creation

Pati Duvall and her “mystery girl” creation

The young girl in Pati’s display was modeled after the protagonist in “Charlotte’s Web.” And while it is tempting to give her the same name as the title character – Fern — that just seems too obvious.   Therefore A Great Yarn is asking our customers to come up with the best name for Pati’s young girl.

Pati Duvall and her "mystery girl" creation

Pati Duvall and her “mystery girl” creation

From now until the end of July we’d like you to send us your proposed name for Pati’s young girl to info@agreatyarn.com. You can also phone us at 508-348-5605, or just drop by the shop.  We’ll let the creators of the display – Jean and Pati – select the best entry.  On August 1st we’ll announce the winner and give them a $50 gift certificate.

Yarn Accessories from Lickin’Flames



A Great Yarn is delighted to announce our partnership with potter Jim Atchison, the co-owner of Lickin’Flames. Jim’s specializes in raku, which has its origins in 16th century Japan, and yields some stunning metallic colors, and well as more subtle images of feathers and other “naturalistic” images.

A Great Yarn is overflowing with examples of Jim’s artistry, including yarn bowls…

Yarn Bowl







shawl pins…

Shawl Pins







and brooches.









Jim has also provided us with our very own Cape Cod buttons.

Cape Cod buttons

The “crackled” ceramic buttons display the iconic image of Cape Cod in charcoal gray on a circular field of light gray, and are available in two sizes: 3/4” and 1 1/8.” We will soon be featuring the buttons on the Cape Cod Cardigan by Cindy Craig, which is a terrific pattern if you are looking for a sweater for a youngster. Antonia DaSilva from our staff is currently knitting up the cardigan using Skacel’s SimpliWorsted.


Local Cape Cod Wool from the Biltmore Wool Barn

Biltmore's Aplaca Yarn

A Great Yarn is pleased to announce that we have partnered with local Cape Cod farmer Kathleen Mealy and her Biltmore Wool Barn.

Mary and the Biltmore Crew

Kathleen and her family live in nearby Brewster and raise alpacas, including Elvis, Tess, Q-Tip, Rosie, Jackson, Prince, Rudy and Cowboy (who is also know as “Phantom.”) Together they are responsible for some of the finest all natural and un-dyed alpaca wool that can be found anywhere.

Two white alpacas in medium shot

Kathleen’s alpaca wool is available in four natural shades: white, light gray, dark gray, and a blend of brown and gray.  Each skein is 300 yards, and retails for a very reasonable $24.

Stop by and see Kathleen’s terrific alpaca wool.  And don’t forget to check the pictures of Elvis, Tess, Q-Tip and the rest of the crew.White alpaca in full-frontal head shot