Akerworks Swatch Gauges

Akerworks Swatch Gauge_origNow available! These amazing gauges recently featured in Vogue Knitting, and they are the hottest selling product we have ever carried in the shop.  They were developed with suggestions and feedback from Leslie and Laura of The KnitGirliis, and offer a slip-resistant 4-inch cross measurement, for nice confident gauge counting. Each end of the cross has a set of little teeth that gently but firmly hold the swatch in place and prevent it from shifting around while you count.

Here’s what Knitter’s Review had to say about the Akerworks Swatch Gauge. “Swatching and gauge are the two least-sexy topics in knitting—and yet they are also the most vital. It’s like driving a car without a speedometer or a gas gauge and expecting to reach Boise the same time as someone else and without running out of gas.

“I applaud the people of Akerworks for putting thought into a clever new design that actually makes the gauge-measuring experience better. It takes skill to improve upon something so utterly basic and fundamental. Akerworks, based in Knoxville, Tennessee, is a family owned and operated business that focuses on “modern, mechanically inventive gadgets and musical instruments meant to foster imagination while functioning as beautiful objects.”

“Which is the other thing about this tool: It’s pretty. It feels good in your hands. It’s substantial yet weighs nothing and slips neatly into any knitting bag.”

“Will your knitting life be incomplete without a Swatch Gauge? Of course not. People have been knitting well-fitting clothing for hundreds of years. But if it makes the much-dreaded, often-mistrusted gauge swatch process any easier or more accurate—which it really does—this is a home run in my book.”