DanDoh Cotton Fine

Cotton Fine is a unique yarn that was developed by lMary and Yulimo Alexanderegendary designer Yukimo Alexander. It has a smooth and crispy texture, because the surface of the yarn has a coating of viscous rayon films. It is perfect for spring and summer clothes and accessories.   It feels like linen when you knit with it, but the coating comes off after handling or washing, so that it will soften up greatly.

All of Yumiko’s designs create fashionable, functional, and wearable garments and accessories. They combine fun stitch patterns and simple yet elegant shapes.

Oasis Garment - yumiko-57s_mediumWe are currently knitting up one of Yukimo’s most popular patterns – Oasis – using her Cotton Fine yarn, and it should be on display in the shop within the next couple of weeks.