Sock Blanks

Ok, we know what you’re thinking. What the heck are sock blanks?

Here’s the deal. A sock blank is a long, rectangular piece of knitted sock weight fabric created by a knitting machine and then dyed or stamped with color.  The edge of the sock blank isn’t bound off — it’s loose so that you can knit from it, pulling the stitches out as you go.

To knit with a sock blank you take the ending out of the live stitches on one side of the blank, and you unravel it as you knit. Because there are two strands of yarn, they have been dyed identically, and that’s why blanks are very suitable for things you need two of: socks, gloves, wrist warmers, etc.

Slide1The beauty of the sock blank is that you never know how the colors are going to turn out. Depending on what you knit and its size, the colors might turn into a stripe pattern, or they could create an interesting ombré effect.

Slide1A Great Yarn has ordered a ton of sock blanks from our great friend and terrific hand dyer Dalis Davidson, owner of Dancing Leaf Farm, and they are now in the shop.