Our Staff – A Great Yarn

Mary Weishaar


Mary Weishaar as Katherine Hepburn (Co-Owner)

I love knitting. It’s my yoga. It’s also my way of expressing creativity. Most of the items I knit are gifts, and everything I make reflects how much I care about the yarn I use, the patterns I select, and colors I choose.

I may not be a perfect knitter, but I am an excellent teacher. I’m also blessed with a great staff of knitting consultants. So bring us your problems and together we’ll find an answer.

I learned to knit when I was young, and one of my major goals in life is to pass my love of knitting on to children. So please bring your kids to the shop, and also look for the summer knitting classes that we offer to girls and boys.

The name of our shop — A Great Yarn – is a play on our two specialties: fine knitting products and quality new and used books. And while we gave a great deal of thought about what to call the shop, we’ve put even more effort into making sure that A Great Yarn is a warm and inviting destination for finding the best yarns, the most interesting books, and the friendliest, most knowledgeable staff.

Jean Williams

Chief Consultant and Instructor

Jean Williams as Sophia Loren(Consultant and Instructor)

Jean is a truly gifted knitter, and the range of her talents extends to a host of techniques most knitters only dream of mastering. Whenever people close their eyes and think about the expert knitter they would like to become someday, the person they usually picture is Jean. In addition to her many technical skills, Jean is also a thoughtful and patient tutor, and she will be coordinating activities for all knitting classes and workshops.  She is also available for appointments if anyone needs one-on-one help or private lessons.

Jean will also be working part-time in the shop to assist with pattern and yarn selection, and to provide any additional guidance that customers might require.

Melissa Pascarelli


Melissa Pascarelli as Lucille Ball

Melissa is the newest member of A Great Yarn’s team.  She is an exceptional and confident knitter: there is simply no project that Melissa cannot take on and master.  She has a terrific sense of humor, and brightens the shop with her friendliness, optimism, infectious laughter and self-deprecating humor.   We consider Melissa our own version of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the noted knitter, writer and humorist, who once said of her knitting “…no matter how well you knit, looking at your work too closely isn’t helpful. It’s like kissing with your eyes open: nobody looks good that close up.”

Kathleen Read

Saturday Morning Knit-Around Leader

Kathlene Read as Audrey Hepburn (Knit-Around Leader)

Kathleen Read leads our Saturday Morning Knit-Arounds, which are held weekly from 10 am until noon.   By way of background, Kathleen learned the basics of knitting as a child in England. After she married, she found the “portability” of knitting ideally suited to her nomadic life as she traversed about the United States, and raised her children. In her travels she met many friendly knitters with whom to share ideas and new skills in creating “wearable art,” and eventually she began to sell her work at local craft fairs. She especially enjoys working the interplay of colors in the Fair Isle tradition, and also lace knitting.

After retiring to Chatham, Kathleen founded the popular “Busy Fingers” group at the Chatham Senior Center. She finds great satisfaction in helping other knitters with everything from dropped stitches and pattern interpretation, to encouraging the finishing of abandoned projects and finding new ways to re-purpose them.

Please stop by on Saturday morning and meet Kathleen. And if you are having problems with your knitting, chances are that Kathleen will be able to point you in the right direction.


Jane Barter 

Consultant Knitter

Gina Lollobrigida

A Great Yarn has added another new member to the team.  Jane Barter joined us in July, and will serve as a consultant knitter.  Jane is a veteran fabric artist, and a charter members of Kathleen Read’s Chatham-based “Busy Hands” knitting group.  She also previously served as the leader of the “Cape Cod Knitting Guild,” and currently knits items for “A Baby Center” in Hyannis.  Jane is also one of the fastest knitters on the Cape, which means you’ll be treated to many of her creations in the shop.


Susan Bartels

Assistant Manager

Morticia Adams -2 as Susan Bartels

Susan has been a regular customer since A Great Yarn opened. She is an exceptional knitter – with a particular penchant for Shibui — and a former knitting instructor.  She recently moved from Burlington to the Cape, and offered her services as an instructor in the shop, and we are delighted to add her to the staff.   Susan has an analytical mind (in her former life she worked in finance), and a creative soul, and both are obvious in the garments she knits, which combine quality craftsmanship with eye-catching style.


Antonia DaSilva


Antonia DaSilva (as Carol Lynley - Morticia Adams - 1)

Antonia is a student at Smith College and a gifted knitter. She has a terrific eye for color, and loves designing projects based on colors and textures. She also has a whimsical nature that manifests itself in quirky and creative ways that compliment the rest of the staff.  Antonia is also available for assisting any left-handed knitters struggling with a pattern.

Lilli Kildevaeld


Lilli Kildevaeld (as Ingrid Bergman)

Lilli is a veteran knitter. Her Aunt taught her to knit when she was seven years old, and she hasn’t stopped since. Icelandic sweaters, aran sweaters, socks, shawls. You name it.

Lilli was born and raised in Denmark, in the lovely Danish city of Roskilde on the island of Zealand, which is famous for its twin-spired cathedral. Not surprisingly, she is a continental knitter, and much of her knitting has a distinctly Danish look to it. Indeed, we like to think Lilly is the second most famous Danish export of all time, eclipsed only by Victor Borge.


Karen Young


Slide1Karen is a life-long resident of Chatham, and one of the finest knitters we have ever met. She was one of our first customers when we opened the shop, and for the past two plus years she has amazed us with the wide variety of projects she has tackled (and completed!) She will be a terrific consultant for all your knitting and crocheting needs, and a great help if you are having any problems with your projects.

Karen is also one of the affable people you will ever meet. And if you don’t believe us, we will show you the dozens of A Great Yarn gifts cards she has received from her friends and admirers since we opened the shop.


Kristine Etter

Staff Photographer

Slide1Kristine is A Great Yarn’s staff photographer, and is responsible for taking the photographs that the shop turns into greeting cards for our monthly Chatham Yarn offering.  Kristine has been actively involved with photography for more than a decade, and she specializes in outdoor shots, and anything related to nature. Her favorite photograph is one she took at sunrise from lighthouse beach. It’s also the first one she sold, which might have something to do with why it’s her favorite.