We understand that every knitter is different, and they each value different factors in the yarn they want to employ for their projects. While we cannot meet everyone’s needs, we have done our best to stock quality favorites, as well as exotic alternatives. We also carry fiber products from a variety of local artisans. We strive to have something for every taste and budget! Check out our sister company, Who Gives A Stitch?!, and take a look at our inventory.
We believe in the old adage that “life is too short to knit with bad yarn,” and our goal is to partner with suppliers that feel the same way.
We do offer an online marketplace for our inventory at Who Gives A Stitch?!. Check it out here
We sell a wide range of Addi needles (Turbo Circular, Turbo Lace, Sock Rockets, etc.), a range of ChiaGoo needles, and a wide variety of Clover bamboo needles.
Unfortunately, we do not carry any needlepoint items.
Stay tuned for an official community "open knit" time, but you are always welcome to stop by with your project whenever we are open!
Yes, we have an abundance of parking directly in front of our shop.
Our shop is a 2-minute drive or a 10-minute walk from downtown Chatham.
Yes! Our hours change depending on the season, but we are always open.

Don't see the answer you're looking for? We'd be happy to help! Send us an email or call us at (508) 348-5605