Our Philosophy

Our goal is to provide the best local yarn shop experience you will find anywhere in the country. We feature an exceptional range of yarns, from traditional favorites to locally produced fibers to the best work of  exceptional independent hand-dyers.   In addition to yarns, we also offer the most unique accessories and the latest products, patterns and designs.

Knitting can be intimidating, but not at A Great Yarn.  We offer a friendly non-judgmental experience, whether you have been making sweaters and socks for several decades, or whether you have never picked up a pair of knitting needles.

Finally, we are blessed with a great staff.  If you are having problems with your current project bring it to us and together we’ll find an answer.

Can't shop in person?

If you are looking for the same exceptional yarns we offer in store, but cannot get to the shop for whatever reason we do have an online option! Through our online marketplace, Who Gives A Stitch?!, we offer pick-up, and shipping for everything you see in our store.

Check it out  here and shop til you drop! Remember, the vast majority of the online shop is also the A Great Yarn inventory, so you can look online and then come in. We'd love to see your smiling face if you're local!